Video: Explosions Rock Yemen Day After Missile Shot Down Over Saudi Arabia

America For Yemen

Make sure to watch this short video (half a minute) WITH SOUND.

Explosives blasted the area near the 1st Armoured Division Base in Sanaa on the morning of July 28, the day after Saudi Arabia said a Houthi missile was shot down over its territory.

From The Sun Daily:

According to security officials, the Saudi-led coalition airstrikes hit the civil and military airports, the Republican Guards School and the headquarters of the National Security Agency to the north of the city. Other strikes hit air defense bases in the mountains around the city and also some military camps.

“They waged more than twenty powerful airstrikes since midnight until the morning that really panic all of us, shook our houses and smashed our windows,” said Mutahar, who lives in al-Hasaba quarter in central Sanaa.

Dozens of families living in neighbourhoods near the military camps in downtown were seen fled their homes during the…

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